Thursday, May 4, 2017

Photo editor online tutorial

Photo editor 360 is software with the same functionality as other Photoshop software to help you edit the image in the most effective way.
The interface of Photoshop online
The first interface, you can choose how to open the image for editing:

- Create a new image: create a white image or from a clipboard.

- Open image from the computer: browse your computer to select images.

- Open image from URL: open the image from a URL.

The main interface of Photo editor 360 is similar to the Photoshop software that consists of the main parts:

- 1: Main menu of Photo editor 360

- 2: Option bar, which contains the options when you select the Photo editor tool online.

- 3: The main toolbar, which contains the tools for you to choose to edit photos.

- 4: Display section.

- 5: Manage the layers (layers) of the image being edited.

Learn the tools on the toolbar of Photo editor

Crop Tool (C): Crop the image in the selected area

Move Tool (V): Move selected area.

Rectangular Marquee Tool (M): Area selection tools, to select the area of squares, circles, rectangles ... you select the tool icon and select the area type on the options bar.

Lasso Tool (L): Select a region by drawing a solid region of any shape.

Wand Tool (W): Select the approximate area, click the Wand Tool icon on an area of the image, 

Pencil Tool: Drawing tool, help you paint the image.

Brush Tool (B): Drawing the images repeatedly.

Eraser Tool (E): Delete an image, you can customize in the options bar.

Paint bucket tool (G): Fill color for a region on the image.

Gradient Tool: Apply color to the layer or selection in the foreground and background colors. You can select the color gradient on the options bar.

Clone Stamp Tool (S): This is a tool similar to the Brush Tool, you can select an area of the image and use it to draw on another area.

Color Replace Tool: This tool has the function of replacing color on the image with the selected color.

Drawing Tool: Draw shapes on the image you are editing, you can change the shape and color by selecting on the options bar.

Blur Tools (R): Blurring images you can change the opacity with the Strength attribute on the options bar.

Sharpen Tool (Y): In contrast to Blur Tools, Sharpen Tool works to sharpen the image

Smudge Tool (U): Create scratches on the image.

Sponge Tool (P): Make color images more saturated or dazzling.

Dodge Tools (O): Image brightening tool

Burn Tools (N):  Tool to darken images.

Red-eye reduction Tool: Photo fix with red eye.

Spot Healing Brush Tool: Use this tool to remove the scratches, smudges on the image

Bloat Tool (A): Zoom into the selected area.

Pinch Tool (K): Minimizes the selected area.

Colorpicker Tool (I): Get a color in the image into the color picker.

Type Tool (T): Write text, enter text on the image.

Hand Tool (H): Scrolling images instead of mouse cursors

Zoom Tool (Z): Zoom tool, small image

Set main color: Color picker, main color set.

So, you start using Photo editor 360 right now to get a beautiful photo as you like. You can use the tools according to its function to apply to edit your image. Good luck!
Click here to edit your photo:

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